The Recon
The Recon's first appearance in First Flight
Vital statistics
Class Recon
Gender Male
Team US/RU
Status Alive
Friends The Noob, The Medic, The Engineer
Enemies Bunny Sniper
Voice Actor Tony Schnur

The Recon ,The Sniper or simply Sniper and Recon  (also known as The Professional within Battlefield: Hardline) is a main character of the "Battlefield Friends Squad". He is a protagonist of the series. The Sniper is known to have a short temper as shown throughout season one. He is known to mainly diss The Noob and in the season finale, disses The Engineer.


  • Out of all the main cast, he is the only one who has stayed the same class and not changed or swap classes.
  • Although he has an SV98, he prefers using his M9 handgun as his primary weapon, a common trait with Recon soldiers who have bolt-action rifles but prefer to move up with their squad, and only using their rifles when needed. In some episodes of Season 3, including Take The Objective, he has been seen with a UMP-45. He is seen using an M16A3 in Close Quarters.
  • He appears to be the squads main vehicle user as shown in recent episodes. In capture the flag he is seen driving the jeep, in Little bird battle he pilots a little bird against the enemy aircraft. He is also refered to as the best pilot when the Engineer tells The Noob to get out of the pilot seat so recon can fly the transport chopper.
  • According to Battleloggers, his name is Thick44.
  • In Spawn Killers, he is seen successfully killing the Bunny Sniper.
  • As well as The Medic, The Sniper has admitted to having sex, which may indicate he has a significant other, as seen in the episode 'Colonel 100'.
  • In season 4, the sniper's outfit significantly changes, now wearing a boonie hat and a plain tan battle dress, as opposed to his black battle dress in the previous seasons.
  • The Recon is the only main character in the series who has never showed his whole face.
  • He seems to prefer Hardline over Battlefield 4. What a loser.