The Medic
"I just mowed down a squad of stupid ass medics."
Vital statistics
Class Assault, Engineer (Closet Colonel)
Gender Male
Team US/RU
Status Alive
Friends The Noob, The Sniper, The Engineer
Enemies The Administrator
Voice Actor Nate Panning

The Medic or Assault Specialist is the tritaginest in the Battlefield Friends series.  He appears to be the most laid-back among the squad, he does not yell at the Noob as often as his other squadmates do, and actually is more encouraging toward the Noob's attempted grasp of how the world of Battlefield works, during the Season 2 premier "Chopper Expert", the Medic had some confidence in the Noob's newfound ability to fly to an extent (although, he does show some sarcasm when something goes wrong in the game and that is usually pointed towards the Noob). In addition to his above average patience and mellow attitude, the Medic is shown to be a team player. In the "Silent Sniper" he watches over the Recon's "six" while he snipes, in "Full Tank" he effectively serves as a gunner for the squad's tank, killing an enemy that attempted to place C4 on the tank. His aptitude in infantry combat is displayed in "Claymore Specialist" by his ability to singlehandedly eliminate an entire squad of enemy medics.

Early on in the series, the Medic was depicted as a caucasian male. However, when the "beta tests" come back, the Medic is made into an African-American male. This reference goes back to how in the actual Battlefield 3 beta, the American Assault player was caucasian, and in the final release, he is an African-American.


  • In the episode "Closet Colonel" the Closet colonel swapped classes with him, making him an engineer. 
  • Unlike the other squadmates,he shows to have a bit more patience to The Noob
  • The Medic almost always wields the M16A3. His weapon of preference in BF4 has changed to an AEK971.
  • The Medic used to be white skinned.
  • In Air Superiority, he gets his jet stuck. He is in space at the end of the episode.
    • This is because in the game, flying a jet high enough will freeze the player in place, forcing him/her to commit suicide in order to get back in the game.
  • According to Battleloggers, his name is Do_r_a_l_e_o_u_s ,which is a character from Doraleous and Associates.
  • Unlike a squad of medics on the RU team, he apparently got the notification that the FAMAS had been patched. This is shown by the sticky darts on his helmet in the episode "Claymore Specialist", which is a reference to the term 'Nerf', which means to deduct weapon efficiency.
  • In Administrator, he got banned by The Administrator for using an 870MCS in the server, this is due to many server admins banning weapons such as shotguns due to them being considered overpowered.

  • As well as The Sniper, The Medic has admitted to having sex, which may indicate he has a wife, as seen in the episode 'Colonel 100'.
  • In season 4, the medic wears a tan uniform, a light green vest, and a darker cross. He doesn't use a mask and goggles like the actual in-game assault, and still stays as an African-American male.
  • In "Commander Online", he ragequits from the server after The Noob kills him with an ammo drop and vehicle drop.
  • In Finding A Server, he alongside The Engineer are on the CN side for the first time, although this is offscreen. Unlike The Engineer, he doesn't imitate a Chinese accent.
  • In Phantom Bow he is seen with 3 poison arrows in his helmet and advises against using them, due to them dealing less damage than the standard arrow.
  • It is implied that he plays Call of Duty, as seen in Waiting on a New Game when The Engineer calls him out on it after he notices him wearing a pink skirt.
  • He doesn't care that The Noob unlocked the Dino Mask, by saying "big fucking deal."
  • In Teamspeak, he turns Teamspeak on, which causes his head to explode.
  • In Kill Cam, he was apparently killed by a Gunship using C4.
  • He doesn't like spawnkilling, as seen in Spawn Killers.
  • In Rail Gun, he is seen using it alongside The Engineer, and gets defensive over it when The Recon asks to try it.


Quotes Edit

"Once you med-pack you never go back."

-Season 3, Girl Gamer Edit

"We're a fucking beached whale now."

-Season 4, Attack Boat Edit

"Well that's a first, killed by a fucking ammo drop."

-Season 4, Commander Online Edit

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

-Season 4, Recon C4 Edit