Simon is a recurring character throughtout the series, he is descibed as "...stupidier then the other noob ." This statement is supported by the fact that he doesn't know who the enemy is, doesn't know which class he is, how to drop a ammo crate, or what c4 is. He appears randomly and is usually goofing off with the Noob


He first appeared in the episode "Mine Games" where he assist The Noob in causing the jeep to fly with mines.

He appeared again in "Campers" with The Noob camping on the edge of the map, this is when his name is given.

He appeared in Noob Fight, were both he and The Noob try to kill each other, wasting all their ammo without being hit once, he was killed by a claymore.

He appeared yet again in 'Killed by Admin' where he was attempting to repair a vehicle that could not be driven.

He has recently appeared in 'Battlefield 4' where he was riding in a PWC.


  • His name is based on Simon Belmount, the main protagonist of the game "Castlevannia".
  • The Noob has accused him of hacking the game.
  • Like the Noob, he changes his class: He was an engineer  in "mine games", support in "campers", and a enemy in "Noob fight".
  • Simon's Character art is based off of PVT Terrence Sweetwater, one of the main characters that apears in Battlefield: Bad Company, and Bad Company 2.

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