Old Soldier
"Now you can shoot him in his gizzard and he just walks away laughing at ya'"
Vital statistics
Class Engineer
Gender Male
Team US
Status Alive
Friends Possibly none
Enemies None
Weapon of choice UMP45
Voice Actor Brent Triplett

The Old Soldier (also referred too as Old Man) is a elderly engineer that appears in the episode They Ruined Battlefield. He states he has been playing Battlefield since "black Friday", indicating he has been playing battlefield since 2011, which is the year Battlefield 3 came out.


  • As has been playing since the beginning, he apparently liked the way the game was before(glitches and all) but hates the patches made to make Battlefield better and fair, such as the patches for the MAVs so no one can ride them, the helicopters getting only 1 flare instead of 2 as having 2 flares made helicopters impossible to take down, the Tank shells so they can't kill enemies, and evidently the medic characters as they used to be white in the beta and early release versions but were later made black to add diversity(hinting at some possible racism).
  • A gizzard is a digestive organ found in archosaurs (dinosaurs, birds, crocodiles and alligators), earthworms, some snails and some fish.
  • The Old Soldier made a minor appearance in the episodes 'Left Behind' and 'Stuck L.A.V', where he was seen flying the transport chopper away before The Noob can get on and driving the truck that pushed The Noobs L.A.V off a prop the vehical was stuck on respectively.
  • In BF4 or Hardline, he considers Hardline to be a bad game and overpriced DLC, despite never playing it.
  • He is a very slow typer, as seen in Chat Fight. It takes him until the end of the episode to type out his message.

Quotes Edit


–Old Soldier, His word of choice in lieu of "Poppycock" or "Nonsense"