Ok that's not a show guys, he's on the internet

Noob on LevelCap

LevelCap is a character in Battlefield Friends who appeared in the episode LEVELCAP, Spawn Killing, and recently, Youtube Gamer.

Vital statistics
Class Assault
Gender Male
Team US
Status Alive
Friends Unknown
Enemies None
Weapon of choice M16A3, ACE 23
Voice Actor Himself

Depiction in the seriesEdit

In the episode "LEVELCAP", LevelCap is shown giving tips to the Engineer and the Recon about Battlefield 3, only to be interrupted several times by the Noob, who knifed LevelCap's assistant and ran over LevelCap with a jeep, thinking that they're in a real match, although it's actually a training round, and refuses to listen to his advice since he doesn't have a show on tv. LevelCap is a patient character and doesn't get mad at the Noob for killing his assistant and running him over with a jeep.

He makes an appearance in Spawn Killers, alongside other YouTubers like FRANKIEONPC, AnderZEL, Chaboyy, DooM49 and RivaLXFactor.


  • LevelCap is a popular YouTube commentator who gives tips and tricks videos about Battlefield 3 and other FPS games like PlanetSide 2. He also has a bunch of YouTube friends like iPwnStar4Hire and rivalXFactor, whom he often plays with in his videos.
  • This episode is based on LevelCap's cornering tutorial video.
  • The events depicted in this episode are based on a real life incident, which occured during the filming of a tutorial video. LevelCap confirmed this via a comment on his YouTube account.
  • He's also known as LegoCap after his VLOG featuring most of his LEGO and after telling everyone that he used to have a BrickLink store.
  • As in real life, his weapon of choice in the series is the M16A3. However, in Battlefield 4, with the M16A3 no longer in, his new weapon is the ACE 23.
  • In the end of Youtube Gamer, he uses his outro, along with wielding an ACE 23.