BFFs - Hardcore (Season 4E13 Finale)
Season 4, Episode 13
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BFFs - Hardcore (Season 4E13 Finale)
Air date Aug 03, 2014
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"Hardcore" is the 53rd episode of the BFFs series and the finale episode of season 4.

Episode Summary Edit

The episode starts with the Medic, Engineer and Sniper riding up the elevator of Hainan Resort when the Medic asks if they're facing the right way of the elevator and the Engineer and Sniper tell him they are facing the right way. When the elevator opens, the sprint but get killed immediately by The Noob with C4. The squad gets infuriated and yells at the Noob for killing the three. Then the squad tells him that the match is a hardcore server and tells the Noob that the map's gone and Simon asks why can't he see it, then the Medic and Engineer proceed with mocking him. Then they tell the Noob that they can also team kill players and states that the Noob killed the squad. Then when the Ammo Guy comes up the elevator, he gets team killed as well. Then the Noob says that the Noob is not killing the squad's team mates, and the Engineer states that the kill feed said otherwise and Simon replies with "The kill feed's broken." Then a helicopter rolls in and the noobs try to spot the enemy chopper. Then the Medic states that no one can spot in hardcore mode and other stuff that no one can do in hardcore mode, and while that's going on the noob says the finger isn't working then the chopper gets destroyed by the Colonel and then the noob thanks the Colonel for the chopper kill, then the Colonel replies with "Thanks soldier. I just unlocked the bipod for my bipod." and ask if any of the noobs are using the AMR-2. The noob says "Have at it, if you can pick it up." Then the Colonel picks up the AMR-2 and kills 2 enemies in the head, both being at 9,524,985 meters. Then the Engineer comes on the mic and says that the noobs should get off the roof and take the objective. But then 3 enemies come up the elevator and the noob gets a triple kill. Then the Noob gets promoted and screams "PROMOTED!" Then the Colonel overhears the Noob and Simon congratulates the Noob on being promoted then the Colonel throws his M4 Bayonet with 2 bipods at the noob when he screams promoted a second time, then the noob falls on the floor.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that the Noob has a Campsite dog tag as his left dog tag but a blank dog tag on the right
  • It is revealed that the Colonel finds out the ONLY player who killed him is the Noob.