Girl Gamer is a character from the episode "Girl Gamer" and is portrayed as a Medic. She is at first mistaken as a young boy because of her voice. The Engineer then proceeded to start to hit on

Girl Gamer
Battlefield friends
"I'm Actually a girl"

Said by the Girl Gamer

Vital statistics
Class Medic
Gender Female
Team US
Status Alive
Friends None
Enemies Unkown
Voice Actor 'Tracy'

 her, going so far as to give his number. The Noob, however, is rather annoyed as he starts making sexist remarks on how girls can't play Battlefield. While the group is talking, an enemy soldier attacks, resulting in her killing him. She then proceeds to T-Bag him in an aggressive manner which shocks The Medic and Noob into leaving. The Engineer, however, stays to admire her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only girl shown on the show so far
  • The Engineer has hit on her.

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