You know what you sound like? Like an asshole!

–The Noob on The Sniper's comments

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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

First Flight is the very first episode of Season 1 in the Youtube series Battlefield Friends. First Flight stars The Medic, The Engineer, The Sniper, and The Noob. The episode opens up to a fully loaded Z-11W, which is occupied by the Friends. The Noob is awakened by the Friends urgently yelling at him to take off. The Noob explicitly shows the Friends that it is his "first time flying", to the disappointment of his teammates. The Engineer offers to fly the Z-11W for the Friends because he can "fly really good". The Noob decline his offer because he has to "learn". The Medic and The Sniper scold The Noob for the fact that they "have been spinning for the last thirty seconds". The Noob claims that he is just learning. The Engineer decides to give The Noob a "chance to learn". The Noob believes he can kill the opposition by just continuously firing the cannon. The rest of the Friends make it clear that he cannot kill anyone while spinning. The Noob calls The Sniper an "asshole" after he tells The Noob that he has just been hit by a stinger. After surviving a crash landing at sea, The Engineer, The Medic and The Sniper scold The Noob for crashing the Z-11W. The three commit suicide after realizing they are "three miles (4.3km) away from any sort of land". The Noob reminds the Friends that he is here if the Friends need somewhere to spawn. The episode ends.


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