BFFs - Chopper Expert (Season 2E1)
Season 2, Episode 1
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BFFs - Chopper Expert (Season 2E1)
Air date Dec 16, 2012
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Chopper Expert is the first episode of the 2nd season of Battlefield Friends. It was uploaded on YouTube by Machinima Happy Hour on December 12th, 2012.

It features the return of the 4 main characters and the debut of a new character, the bunny sniper.


The Medic, Engineer and Recon are shown to be shooting at something, with the Recon saying "Come on, come on!". Their target is, an enemy recon soldier with bunny ears hopping around, causing most of their bullets to miss him and him to survive virtually unscathed.

The Engineer eventually complains about how 'bunny hopping' is a stupid tactic. The Recon then suggests that they take A, as it's the last base. The Medic then spots a friendly AH-6J Little Bird coming in and boards it, only to find that their pilot is none other than, the Noob.

To their disappointment, both the Engineer and the Recon prepare to bail, but the Noob tells them to stay, claiming that he can actually fly without crashing now. The Medic praises him and the rest tell him to fly to A. The Recon then asks him if the Noob has Air Radar, which he, obviously doesn't have, causing the Engineer to prepare to bail, only for the Medic to suggest they they give the Noob a chance and stay in the chopper as the Noob seems to fly well.
Battlefield Friends (Happy Hour) - Chopper Expert (Season 2 Premiere)

Battlefield Friends (Happy Hour) - Chopper Expert (Season 2 Premiere)

Then, the chopper gives out a lock warning, but instead of beeping rapidly, it has a steady tone. The Noob panics and dives down. The other squad members try to tell him not to panic, but this makes it worse, as the Noob also deploys his flares, a tactic that severely pisses off the Engineer. The Engineer then tries to tell him that nothing's coming after them as it gives out a steady tone and that the only time he has to worry is when it beeps rapidly.

The Engineer then prepares to bail, but the Noob takes them out of bounds. The Engineer tells the Noob to fly back but the Noob continues to perform 'evasive maneuvers', believing that a missle is after them, while the Engineer and the Medic frantically tell him that there's nothing to outmaneuver. The Noob continues performing evasive maneuvers until they crash onto the ground. As the smoke clears up, we can see what's been locking on to them the whole time; a SOFLAM, and we can see the bunny sniper hopping in the background.

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