Bunny sniper
Vital statistics
Class Recon/Sniper
Gender Male
Team RU
Status Deceased
Friends Russians
Enemies Battlefield Friends Squad
Voice Actor Bryan Mahoney

The Bunny sniper is a recurring enemy character in BFFs. He is an RU Recon with literal bunny ears on his head to reflect the fact that he constantly hops around the map in order to dodge enemy fire.

The bunny sniper is known to possess C4, as seen in the "Rush" episode.


  • The Bunny Sniper is a reference to the bunny hop exploit in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3. When a player repeatedly hops while running, it is possible for him to dodge up to 85% of his enemy's bullets, making it possible for that player to survive.
  • In the ending of the "Chopper Expert" episode, the bunny sniper is seen using a SOFLAM to create the havoc in the helicopter.
  • He also appears in most of the episodes as a background character, hidden among enemy soldiers or sniping on a hill.
  • In Season 2 episode 3, "Campers", the Bunny Sniper was among the group of enemy players taunting Simon and Noob because they were camping. The Bunny Sniper, along with the rest of the enemies, where subsequently killed on accident when Simon tried using C4. 
  • In the Season 3 finale, "Spawn Killing", the Recon shoots the Bunny Sniper, blowing off his Rabbit ears.
  • In Season 6 episode 9, "Rooftop Enemy", he kills Engineer 6 times since Engineer kept returning to him in an attempt to get revenge for dying so many times. The cycle finally ends when the Noob ends the Bunny Sniper's kill streak by road-killing him in a transport chopper.
  • In the same episode, his M98B has normal gunshot sound effect when firing, despite the killcam showing that he had a suppressor equipped.
  • The Bunny Sniper can make a tank jump as seen in the episode Stolen Tank