Ammo Guy
The Ammo Guy's first appearance in Mortars
Vital statistics
Class Engineer, Assault(Close Quarters)
Gender Male
Team US/RU
Status Deceased [killed by Thanos]
Friends The Medic, The Engineer, The Sniper
Enemies The Administrator, The Noob
Voice Actor Bryan Mahoney

This engineer (credited as "Ammo Guy" on IMDB) is a recurring character throught the series, he usually is screaming when he talks and is usually indirectly killed by The Noob. His relationship to the main cast isn't really clear, but it appears that he knows The Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and The Noob. With his death in season 6 he is the first permeated death


  • He hates scavenger.
  • The Noob doesn't listen to him, as if he can't be heard.
  • He killed and T-bagged The Noob in revenge for killing all the time.
  • The admin switched him from the other team once because he had a 9 kill streak.
  • While never referred to by any name in the Animated series, he is referred to as "Ammo Guy" in the Battleloggers Episode Snipe Hunting, hinting that this may actually be his name for the series as well.
  • In Close Quarters, he is seen as an Assault for the first time.
  • In Battleloggers, his ingame name is EvilBeastLord
  • In Battlefield 4, he is the only one of the Friends to be seen in the BF4 uniforms, as the others retained their BF3 uniforms. He's also speaking in a much calmer tone.
  • In the episode Phantom Bow, it is said that he unlocked the Phantom Bow by doing all procedures to unlock one